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The Warcraft manga[1] is a line of comics from various artists (including Korean-style comics, or manhwa). So far several series have been released.

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Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy

  • Volume 1: Dragon Hunt
    • The Prey of Harkyn Grymstone
    • Pursued
    • Dar'khan
    • Legacy of the Sunwell
    • Tarren Mill
    • Against the Scourge
  • Volume 2: Shadows of Ice
    • Terror on the Mountain
    • Baron Mordis
    • Caverns of the Dead
    • The Dwellers beneath
    • The Orb of Ner'zhul
    • 11 11 Challenger Women Asics Gel Gel Women Women 11 Challenger Asics Asics Challenger Gel Death on the Mountain
  • Volume 3: Ghostlands
    • The Nightmare Plains
    • Master of the Dead
    • Cry of the Banshee
    • Dark Reunion
    • Edge of the Abyss
    • Fire and Fury

Warcraft: Legends anthology

World of Warcraft: Character class series

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World of Warcraft: Shadow Wing duology


  • Korean-style comics or manhwa are comics produced by Korean comic artists. Their style varies from that of Japanese manga (Japanese comics) and western comics. Blizzard and Tokyopop markets all of its original English language manhwa as manga, as the term is well established in its target audience market and manhwa is not.


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